21 July, 2014

My Basic Makeup Stuffs


Let's make it short and simple.For your information this post is not a makeup tutorial but rather a basic makeup that I own.Basically I apply makeup for my everyday routine to enhance my beauty not to transform myself into somebody else. haha .This is because women simply don't like herself to look pale or dull.All these makeup I will use for upcoming raya too.

My simple complications of makeup .Ok let me introduce one by one

1.Sun Block

I often used sunblock with at least of SPF 30.Follow me oil control hydrating sun shield  like those above also works well on me but won't give a full coverage because it only comes with SPF 20.Anyway it is a good idea to bring this lightweight sunblock during travel because it can minimize the space area especially for my balik-kampung backpack.haha


Foundation comes in many shades.You can get anything from a very heavy concealer like cream to extremely light. The heavier foundations can cover more imperfections but can be hard to blend while the light-tinted don't cover as much but create even skin tone with just a hint of colour. My favourite foundation is Magic Cream Cathy Doll. I called it foundation because it comes with a creamy-whitish texture.The thing I like about it because it has SPF130+++ which is very very high enough to cover my tan skin.I had shared it in my last post.The price is RM36.00

3.Compact powder

I am using Maybelline Clear Smooth Original Pressed Powder.


Silkygirl Moisture rich lip colour has launched a promotion.Buy one and get free one.You can get two lipsticks for RM18.90!!so cheap go go and grab now before the promotion ends soon.


Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF15 - # 10 Air Kiss - 6ml/0.2oz unboxed

For Lipgloss , I am using Clinique long last glosswear SPF 15 .It gives me a long lasting texture and sticky in a good way even while I'm eating!The code I am using is 10 Air Kiss.There are more colour options for this lipgloss but it is quite expensive.I browsed the price is probably RM48.00 in Malaysia.I don't know if you can get it more cheaper because I got it as a present from my aunt years ago.hehe.


I just bought Maybelline The Magnum Volume Express mascara.I opted from Maybelline this time because I love the packaging and also the review that I heard from most bloggers.Ok let's see how it works.The price is RM35.90.

That's all from me
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Salam Ramadhan

15 July, 2014



Have you ever heard about photo book?Photo book is a new concept album of a beautiful and high quality book with your photos .In a technical sense, the photo book is printed photo album with book cover. Photo books are essential when you have beautiful pictures but you do not want to put them in the long outdated album with plastic pockets.Sounds boring right.Did you know you can also custom made it using an application through website? If you don’t know what I am talking about please google it and you will find variety of websites.

I Think homemade photo book is more easier and worthy but  if you have more money just customize every photo that you are interested. Yes just order it! 

I think it is a good idea to compile all of the photos captured into one album in an appealing way. Recently I love to take pictures but I never have a nice album to vamp up them. haha so here came the idea to make my own photo book album. For those who has a patient, I highly recommended to design yours too because you don’t want all the memories just fade away like that right especially during your special life event for example wedding, engagement, pre wedding,post wedding ,newborn,graduation day or childhood memory. Believe me you are willing to pay even RM10K to get back into your olden days photos or  video because memories are priceless unless you walk down the memory lane.

Look at those lovely  photo books. I know you are saying I must have one I must have one!haha

For those who are thinking it is necessary or not to have a  nice photo album then I will say yes. Why don’t just keep it inside a computer? You might lose the pictures if you stored inside a computer document because it has accidentally happened to me .I lost half of my photos during my vacation in London when I forgot to back up the files while I format my computer ! *Tears* I was regret why I don’t wrap up all of them into a specific album. Oh no.so guys learn from my mistake.

It looks lively and vibrant if we documented all the photos like this.Oh my!

and it will be more captivating if we can put into words like those above.

My mom loves to share with the guest our photo album when they came to our house to kept them aroused so what I learnt one of way to entertain your guest ,share your album and definitely they will like it but arrange them in a perfect Photo book will be more intriguing! arggghh I just induced myself into a new hobby I guess.haha

There are so many ways  you can do  to enhance and intensify the photos. If you are creative then you can create into different edges.Patient is another bonus! To be frank I am not that patient but I love something charming and pleasant hence it tooks me weeks to complete it. Here is the example. Anyway my photo book is still under progress. I just show you the cover so you can stimulate your idea to lift up more. When it is complete then I will show to you ok promise.

Ahha, before I forget you need to buy some stuff to design it. Make sure you have basic things for example, scissor, hot glue gun, ribbon, wrapping paper, felt paper of anything you think it is necessary. You can buy it at any stationary shops. Don’t forget also you need a lot of beads to boost up your creativity.

List of stuffs needed 


loads of decorating items

Again decorating items

must have one

get as much as you can

When all the stuffs are ready then we can start doing our own photo book
be motivated people.I know doing it is another work to put into account.haha
anyway patient is the key of it.
best of luck

thanks for reading 

09 July, 2014

ephyra collagen drink review


Hows Ramadhan treating you so far? I hope the everyone is dealing well and may allah accept all the ibadah and deeds.Anyway this post will be quite lengthy so be ready ya :).

Sedar tak sedar sudah 10 hari Ramadhan berlalu dan bahang raya pun dah makin terasa.Pernah tak korang fikir nak  nampak cantik dan berseri waktu raya nanti? Tipulah kalau kata tak nak kan sebab pompuan kan obses dengan kecantikan termasuklah aku.hoho.Ok kat sini aku nak share dengan semua tentang satu produk yang tersangatlah bagus untuk wanita wanita di luar sana yang mementingkan kecantikan dalaman dan luaran.yes it's ephyra! memandangkan ramai yang tanya supplement apa yang aku consume so why not I write a complete review about it. Benda baik tak salah nak share kan.hehe 

Aku bet mesti ramai yang dah dengar tentang ephyra kan?aku came across dengan produk ni kat instagram Memey Suhaiza sebab aku follower setia dia.hehe.selalu tengok dia post tentang ephyra terasa best pulak nak cuba.Lepas baca review dari ramai blogger then aku kata tak boleh jadi ni mesti jugak consume ephyra sebab aku yakin kecantikan dan kesihatan haruslah dijaga seawal usia kan kan.ok agak poyo disitu.

Percaya tak dengan ephyra kulit boleh cerah seawal tujuh hari?macam tak caya je kan.macam tipu giler je, macam eh betul ke ni?Kat sini ada logiknya kenapa kulit boleh cerah dengan cepat sebabnya size collagen ephyra adalah kurang dari 1500 Dalton so ia sangat mudah diserap oleh badan.Sebab itu dengan minum ephyra kita dah boleh nampak kesan kecerahan seawal 7 hari. Mostly collagen di pasaran sekarang pengambilan mengambil masa yang lama untuk bagi kesan yang optimum.Tengok gambarajah di bawah ni nescaya korang akan lebih faham.

Dengan ephyra korang tak akan menyesal sebab dia bukan seperti collagen lain bahkan ia lebih dari collagen biasa yang ditemui di pasaran.Apa yang menarik tentang ephyra ialah dia mengandungi ikan laut yang dihidrolisis secara semula jadi yang dapat membantu penyerapan ke dalam kulit lebih pantas dan efektif.Make sure kalau nak beli produk teliti dulu kandungan yang ada dalam produk tu sebab sekarang ni banyak sangat collagen yang bersumber dari unsur yang tak logik akal pada aku macam stem cell dari buah epal? eh tolonglah sejak bila buah boleh menghasilkan stem cell? *blurrr* so back to Science or Biology then you will find the answer.believe me.

Sepanjang yang aku belajar yes ikan adalah antara sumber yang kaya dengan protein iaitu collagen type 1 dan fungsi utama collagen adalah untuk mengembalikan keremajaan kulit.Gambarajah kat bawah ni yang dibulat merah tu adalah lokasi collagen dalam badan kita dan semakin ia semakin berkurang mengikut peredaran usia tapi dengan pengambilan outsources collagen dapat membantu melewatkan penuaan macam kedutan dan juga menegangkan kulit supaya tidak cepat dimamah usia.

Dah macam bagi lecture Biology pun ada.haha.Jangan risau info ni sebagai tambahan je ya puan puan sekalian supaya anda semua lebih faham kenapa kita perlukan collagen tapi kalau tak faham pun iya iya kan aja.Sorry dah terlebih explain tahap Molecular level konon major Cell and Molecular Biology. haha

Selain tu juga ephyra ni diperbuat dari bahan bahan lain yang terpilih semulajadi yang mempunyai banyak kebaikan.Kat bawah ni aku ada senaraikan antara kandungan ephyra ni.

Kandungan utama ephyra

Ok.pada aku part ni adalah yang paling penting iaitu khasiat dan kebaikan ephyra.Apa yang aku perasan bila consume ephyra ni badan lebih bertenaga. Kalau dulu asyik penat je tapi bila minum ephyra dah tak cepat letih dan mengantuk.student macam aku ni selalu penat so ephyra is the solution!

Manfaat ephyra

Siapa yang memerlukan ephyra?

Ok mesti ramai yang tertanya tanya siapa yang boleh consume ephyra ni?so kat bawah aku listkan senarainya.
  • Umur 20 dan ke atas
  • Kulit Kering & kedut
  • Kulit kusam & kendur
  • Pigmentasi dan kulit bermasalah (jerawat)
  • Proses Pemulihan lambat
  • Mudah Rasa Penat
  • Daya Ingatan Merosot
  • Sakit-sakit badan / sendi
  • Metabolisma rendah

Untuk pengetahuan semua ephyra ni sesuai untuk breastfeeding mommy walaupun tak dinyatakan dalam senarai sebab ia tak mengandungi bahan kimia yang tak bagus untuk baby so pendek kata ia selamat digunakan dimana saja tak kira masa.hehe

Perisa ephyra

Part ni yang paling aku suka sebab rasa ephyra yang manis manis baby sesuai sangat dengan taste aku yang tak sukakan minuman terlalu manis.Kalau minum rasa chewing gum sebab kandungan acai berry yang sangat best membuatkan rasa nak minum dua hingga tiga sachet.haha.Tak payah la nak mengada sampai nak minum sampai dua sachets melainkan korang ada masalah kulit yang serius barulah digalakkan ambil dua sachets.Sebelum puasa biasanya aku akan minum satu sachet ephyra setiap pagi sebelum breakfast selepas bangun tidur sebab penyerapan adalah maksimum sewaktu perut kosong.Memandangkan sekarang bulan puasa maka masa yang terbaik adalah diambil pada waktu malam sebelum tidur bagi membaiki dan memulihkan sel sel badan semasa tidur.

Sijil Halal

Kita sebagai orang islam mesti sensitif soal halal haram kan.ephyra sudah diperakui oleh JAKIM dan selamat digunakan.Sekarang kan banyak produk kecantikan dan kesihatan yang takde pengesahan JAKIM.dengan isu DNA ba** baru baru ni pasti sedikit sebanyak memberi kesan pada kita kan tapi dengan ephyra dah tak payah risau sebab sekarang ni pemberian sijil halal oleh JAKIM dah semakin ketat dan boleh dipercayai oleh umat islam seluruh Malaysia.Maknanya bukan sewenang wenangnya company boleh dapat sijil JAKIM kalau tak memenuhi criteria halalan toyyiban yang ditetapkan.

Testimoni ephyra 


Background putih konon macam studio.haha.gigih tau cari baju kaler turquoise nak kasi sama dengan kotak dia.ya ya aku tahu dan sedar diri takde bakat model.sobs

Cabaran 30 hari bersama ephyra

Untuk kelihatan cantik dan berseri terutamanya di hari raya nanti aku recommend mulakan cabaran 30 hari bersama ephyra sekarang.trust me you gonna to rocks on raya with a flawless and fair skin.Selain tu free shaker akan diberikan dengan setiap pembelian satu kotak ephyra ya.Comel kan shaker dia ni.

Harga ephyra

Uolls sangat bertuah sebab dulu waktu aku beli ephyra ni RM197 dan sekarang dah jadi RM180 bersempena anniversary ephyra April lalu dan lagi satu berita gembira aku akan bagi best price sepanjang bulan ramadhan ni so apa tunggu lagi cepat cepat order sekarang tau!
"Special Raya Promotion ephyra bermula sekarang!!!"
Diingatkan sekali lagi promo ni valid sepanjang bulan puasa je tau.sebarang pertanyaan atau untuk order boleh terus whatsapp no berikut.You can reach at any time according to your convenience

whatsapp: 013-3563205 

Untuk maklumat lanjut tentang ephyra boleh visit 
atau layari 
website rasmi:oceanlife2u

that's all from me

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