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I am open to any brand collaborations who would like me to review their products. Please read carefully the terms and conditions I listed down below. I believe both parties should come into agreement if we clearly understand the statements that we enforced. My goal is to provide good customer service to every brands I am working with. 

  • I am not strict on this. Either payment or giftaway method both accepted. (Will discuss personally on how much the cost/type/etc)
  • I welcome variety of products to be review at once if you choose giftaway method. Lets make it worth for the blogger who makes an effort and spare time for shoot/edit/write-up to deliver the best content.
  •  One blogpost with detail/informative about products will be updated within one or two weeks upon the arrival of parcel. (1x posting only)
  • I will also post on my social media primitively in my personal instagram account. 
  • (1x posting only)
  • I use Malay as the main language in most of my blogpost, but if there is any request for me to write in English, I will do so without charging as extra service.
  • You might use my picture as Marketing purpose to post on your brand social media account but must undergo my approval first. I will not charge as extra service.
  • If more than two weeks the blog still not updated, I consider as delay. I will inform immediately when is the exact timeline the review shall be completed. Apparently, I'd never delay more than a month unless if I am too busy or too many products given at once or the brand has requested me to do regularly update.
  • Regularly update means I will do numeration reviews in a month/year depending on request. For example, some brand may ask me to do  2x blogposts + 4x social media posting per month. (based on agreement first)
  • Once the blog is updated, the link will be directly given to Social Media/Marketing Executive (who I deal with) I am highly recommend for you to read thoroughly. If I did write wrongly or even minimum mistakes/errors, feel free to correct me. I am open to ideas/suggestions/comments. I am particular about accuracy and precision.
  • If the brand request extra blogpost or to make a video, it is highly negotiable of course with certain agreements and I am willingly to do a short video that will be posted on instagram only. (Not a full video since I am only a beauty blogger)

Are you interested? Please email me at

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